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Friday News Roundup – International

A deal is reached to defuse the crisis in eastern Ukraine. The agreement calls for armed pro-Russian separatists to leave government buildings, but they are refusing to surrender. China’s economic growth slows to an eighteen-month low. U.S. officials analyze a new video that appears to show a large al Qaida meeting in Yemen. Negotiations resume in Venezuela between the government and opposition leaders. And more than one hundred people were killed in a series of attacks in Nigeria by suspected Islamic extremists. A panel of journalists joins guest host Susan Page for analysis of the week's top international news stories. Hear audio

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Socialism after Chavez: Political divisions deepen amid unrest in Venezuela

It’s been a year since Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro — the hand-picked successor of long-time, charismatic leader Hugo Chavez — entered office. Demonstrations against rising crime have mushroomed into massive marches over insecurity, scarcity and demonstrator arrests. Chief foreign correspondent Margaret Warner reports on the basic difficulties facing the citizens of Venezuela. JUDY WOODRUFF: In March […] Hear audio

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