Paper Tigers & Minotaurs

The politics of Venezuela's Economic Reforms

Paper Tigers & Minotaurs, published in 1993, is an insider’s account of national transition from a protected and state-controlled economy to one relying on free markets and open trade. Venezuela’s experience with dismantling an entrenched economic structure and coping with the political consequences of a new system is a national story with international lessons.

With an eye for paradox and the unexpected, Naím retraces his country’s passage through the maze of surprises and dangers that beset managers of large-scale reform. Some of the dangers turn out to be roaring but harmless paper tigers; others, the unexpected and deadly minotaurs capable of derailing the entire process of reform. Distinguishing one from the others, a none-too-simple task, emerges as an indispensible survival skill for reformers everywhere.

Introduction written by Jeffery Sachs.

The entire book is available here for free in a PDF fomat.
Click on the link to access Paper Tigers and Minotaurs.
*There is no Spanish translation available.

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